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Tour Hockey Spartan Gx Hocley Helmet with Cage

Buy Tour Hockey Spartan Gx Hocley Helmet with Cage here, one of many top quality Amateur Hockey Helmets products at Mega Sporting Goods.  We greatly appreciate your patronage at Mega Sporting Goods and look forward to offering you great products and prices from top distributors now and in the future.

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Click here to buy Tour Hockey Spartan Gx Hocley Helmet with Cage by Tour Hockey.   Tour Hockey Spartan Gx Hocley Helmet with Cage
by Tour Hockey
at Amazon
on 6-27-2014

Product Description
The Tour® Spartan GX helmet is ready for play. This lightweight, comfortable helmet is designed to keep you looking and feeling cool, while protecting you from injury during battles in the corners and around the rink.

Owner Comments & Criticism
The padding is ample without being bulky, so it stays lightweight and stylish. The side adjustments really help you to get the right fit so that the helmet stays where it's supposed to (I also went to Tour's website for sizing info). The airholes are spaced out well enough so that it doesn't get too hot and sweaty. The cage in the front is a nice option, but does add little a bit of weight. I personally am cool with that if it means keeping my teeth in tact. The cage can be taken off, but it is held on by two screws so it does require some tools. There is a chin strap in the cage and a neck strap on the helmet itself. I believe that if there's one piece of hockey equipment you're gonna spend a little extra on, it should be the helmet. It's an important piece of safety gear that keeps your coconut from cracking, so there's no sense in going cheap. This one is definitely top quality and worth the price.

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