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Azodin 2011 Blitz Electronic Paintball Gun - Orange Black

Buy Azodin 2011 Blitz Electronic Paintball Gun - Orange Black here, one of many top quality Paintball products at Mega Sporting Goods.  We greatly appreciate your patronage at Mega Sporting Goods and look forward to offering you great products and prices from top distributors now and in the future.

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Click here to buy Azodin 2011 Blitz Electronic Paintball Gun - Orange Black by Azodin.   Azodin 2011 Blitz Electronic Paintball Gun - Orange Black
by Azodin
at Amazon
on 6-27-2014

Product Description
The Azodin Blitz Paintball Gun has been designed with a new Heart and Soul. The new High performance (HP) Valve design offers a new level of air efficiency, accuracy and overall performance when comparing the standard Blitz to the new 2011 Azodin Blitz. While the perfect combination of Feather Striker System and new HP valve design, Blitz 2011 is not only a smooth shooting marker but also has the accuracy that can only be found in a spool valve marker design. The "Zen II" Circuit Board has improved its logistics and extends the life of the most batteries you can find in the market today. Programmed with firing modes for the major circuits the "Zen II" Circuit Board can easily be modified with the AZ Editor to suit your likings. The Innovative "Twist Lock II" has been added for increased convenience and locks your loader tighter than ever before.

Owner Comments & Criticism
Unfortunately this marker fell apart the first time it was used, and a piece was ejected under pressure back towards the user. Returning now and requesting a refund. Sadly this is the second Azodin product to have failed in the past thirty days.

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