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Exalt Paintball Barrel Maid Swab

Buy Exalt Paintball Barrel Maid Swab here, one of many top quality Paintball products at Mega Sporting Goods.  We greatly appreciate your patronage at Mega Sporting Goods and look forward to offering you great products and prices from top distributors now and in the future.

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Click here to buy Exalt Paintball Barrel Maid Swab by Exalt.   Exalt Paintball Barrel Maid Swab
by Exalt
at Amazon
on 6-27-2014

Product Description
Exalt's Barrel Maid is the best paintball barrel cleaning system available. Barrel Buffer - Won't unravel, easy to wash, cleans like a champ. Rocket Disk - Something you've never seen before. All-weather seal retracts during insertion to prevent paint going up your barrel, then expands as you pull back to remove everything in it's way. Molded Shaft - Not built on a twig, this beast of squeegee is forged out of tough & flexible plastic. All pieces are 100% interchangeable and 100% replaceable.

Owner Comments & Criticism
I prefer this hybrid squeegee to the ones that are fully "cotton tail" ones. The rubber squeegee gets sent in first and will clear out most, if not all, of the junk in the barrel, and the fluffy end does a nice cleaning as it passes through. Folds in half, but with tension, so it'll spread into a V shape in your pocket (which will help keep it in your pocket as you're running up the field).

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