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E-Force Missile Racquetball Racquet-XS

Buy E-Force Missile Racquetball Racquet-XS here, one of many top quality Racquetball products at Mega Sporting Goods.  We greatly appreciate your patronage at Mega Sporting Goods and look forward to offering you great products and prices from top distributors now and in the future.

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Click here to buy E-Force Missile Racquetball Racquet-XS by E-Force.   E-Force Missile Racquetball Racquet-XS
by E-Force
at Amazon
on 6-27-2014

Product Description
E-force Missile is a Racquetball Racquet made to provide a lot of power and a big sweet spot. Weight: 230 grams Length: 22 inches String Pattern: 14 X 22 Size: XS 923282

Owner Comments & Criticism
I really liked this racquet at first, but after only a few games of accidentally hitting a teammate's racquet or the wall or something, this thing is almost destroyed. It's almost comical how easily it dents and deforms. Damage to one area has loosened the strings (down low towards the neck). I will freely admit I'm not gentle with it - although I do not abuse it - but I expected it to hold up much better than it has in the FIVE days I've owned it. Friends' racquets, all high-end Ti types have held up flawlessly.

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